Finding a small catalog about 'Beelden op het Vrijthof 1981' let me to take the initiative to revitalize the exhibition in public domain at the end of the summer of 2011. Together with Ilona van den Brekel and Toon Hezemans, we strived for an "immediate confrontation of art with a larger public".
During its five editions BEELDEN OP HET VRIJTHOF...
... approached contemporary society to signal critical developments.
... brought together experienced and young artists to activate exchange.
... let art and public meet to stimulate cultural practice.

Super GAU - De eerste dag was een ramp 

Vrijthof, Maastricht — 10. - 11. September 2011
Concept and Realization

Tilmann Meyer-Faye (NL), Karl Philips (B), C5 (D) and the UAO - De Ultra Amateuristische Omroep (NL) commented on the culture cuts decided in 2011, pointing out that the starting poing of the new cultural season became a party with a sinister undertone.


Ook in 2012 - Op het mooiste plein van Nederland

Vrijthof, Maastricht — 2. September 2012
Concept and Realization

Martijn EngelbregtAndré PielageJens BrouwersWouter HuisAstrid Mingels and Studio Oneindigheid reflected on the brand Maastricht in the middle of the "most beautiful square of the Netherlands".


Yes, and this is art!

Vrijthof, Maastricht — 4. - 8. September 2013
Concept and Realization

We presented the state of art in the Maas-Rhine Euregio, by inviting different fine arts organizations to each select an artist to contribute to the exhibition. Find the catalogue of the exhibition here. With contributions of:
Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts / Laurent Trezegnies (BE) — Étreintes urbaines 2013
Academie Beeldende Kunsten: Fine arts department / Joep Hinssen (NL) — Vaandels 2013
B32 / Yuri Godoy (IL) — Suspicious Behaviour 2013
Ecole supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Michel Leonardi & Dominique Lombardo (BE) — The Flying Cabin 2013
Greylight Projects / Bas ScheversMichiel Huijben & Hedwig Houben (NL) — Love/Art 2013
Hedah / François Salden (NL) — Bouwvak 2013
kuS / Maurice Meewisse (NL) — Kolen van Janssen 2013
Ludwig Forum Aachen / Bea Otto (DE) — open grid 2013
Museum Het Domein / Aggtelek (ES) — Performing the Scenography 2007
NAK / Martin G. Schmid (CH) — Opening Speech 2013
SPACE Collection / Jonathan De Winter (BE) — Sans titre2013
Van Eyck / Jan Hoeft (DE) — Ja, Yes, Jawohl, Oui! 2013
Z33 / Atelier van Lieshout (NL) — Insect Farm 2012


Bivak op het Vrijthof

Vrijthof, Maastricht — 13. - 14. September 2014
Concept and Realization

We presented temporary shelters for the modern nomad made by 250 students of the RWTH Aachen - Lehrstuhl für Plastik. On Saturday Paweł Althamer and his golden immigrants from the Reactor - Sculpture Lab came to visit from the Ludwig Forum Aachen, inviting visitors to participate in his Common-Task-Performance. On Sunday Eddy Thonon of the kunstencentrum Signe uit Heerlen gave a build-your-own-shelter-workshop for kids.


Beelden op Reis - Home is where the House is

Vrijthof, Maastricht — 12. - 13. September 2015
Concept and Realization

Off the beaten path of the Vrijthof square and the chosen moment at the end of the summer, 'Beelden op het Vrijthof' moved on as 'Beelden op reis'. Starting from the first exhibition on the Vrijthof on 12. and 13. September 2015, with the works 'Knutschkugel' by Celia Kliszat for B32 'Het huis van zachte inzichten' by Richard Kromjong and Susan Zwambag for Marres, 'De gelukkige zak' by Krista Smulders for MAFAD Fine Arts and the 'Droom Hut, Huis, Thuis' by Anke Bos, Nathan Klein, Sterre and Don Possen of MAFAD of Textile Design, the exhibition toured through the Maas-Rhine Euregion. This was the journey of the artworks:
Het Parcours, Vrijthof, Maastricht - 12.-13. September 2015
Open Dag, MAFAD, Maastricht - 12. November 2015
Kunstennacht, Z33, Hasselt - 12.-15. Mei 2016
Kapellerput, Heeze - 4.-5. Juni 2016

Graphic Design: Ontwerpbureau B2B
Fotos: Ilona van den Brekel, MC Krell, Jan Hoeft