Video Power is an initiative stimulating the creative production of audio-visual material. The goal is to help create a vibrant media culture in the Maas-Rhine Euregion. Video Power achieves this goal by working together with a broad network of partners in the region, by connecting talent(s) with available knowledge, production capacity and a suitable stage, and by stimulating and facilitating entrepreneurship.


THE WHISPERER - A film by Oscar Santillan
Power Production #10 — May - June 2014
Executive Producer

Managing one bird whisperer, five vocalists, fourteen musicians, six performers, one beatboxer, one flamenco dancer and a kung fu fighter to let a bird sound travel through a city.

HORSE MORSE - An artwork by Oscar Santillan
Van Eyck Academie — 4. July - 22. August 2014
Executive Producer

Finding a horse that's sound while galloping translates into morse code for the exhibition 'Corpus Lingua' at the Van Eyck.

Logo/Graphic Design: Studio Noto
Fotos: Oscar Santillan (The Whisperer 1+2), MC Krell (The Whisperer 3+4, Horse Morse)