The partners of VERY CONTEMPORARY relate to each other through the language of contemporary art. The border region of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany is their training ground. VERY CONTEMPORARY is a tri-national, cross-border network that organizes itself to learn from each other by exchanging knowledge. Within its dynamic infrastructure tools and projects are developed to connect audiences and link art to other domains including science, technology and ecology. VERY CONTEMPORARY  contributes to the development of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion as an
international centre of expertise in the field of contemporary art.

Since 2012 the following art venues are or have been part of VERY CONTEMPORARY:
BE - CIAPEspace 251 NordIKOB, La BoverieLa Châtaigneraie, SPACE CollectionZ33
NL - Bureau EuropaBonnefantenmuseumMarresMuseum Het DomijnenSCHUNCK*Van Eyck
DE - Kunsthaus NRW KornelimünsterLeopold-Hoesch-Museum DürenLudwig Forum AachenNAK