Two out of our three Arthurs play music, recently with Robbert, Yves and Edis, otherwise with Sander, Emanuel and Martijn. Julia is into fashion, as are Ingo, Sonja and Branko. Daantje and Tiny philosophize, Matylda is everywhere but here, while Jonas and Julia ain’t livin in California, yet. Jörg teaches, Joep, Joost and Eva, too. Henning is still a student and Charlotte and Thomas are students again. Dirk and Henry own their own business and Marjolein is setting one up right now. Willem paints, always and everywhere, José paints too, but on a smaller scale. Sanne likes snails and Gries likes cats, we all love James. Miriam knows coffee and that Marie favors decaf soy latte. Fabian just moved here together with Charlotte though she is in New York right now. Maartje and Ingo already toured through Asia three times, Brenneke and Jimmy will move there soon. Nika keeps bees, Kim, Tim, Yves and Lisanne own a graphic atelier, Lonneke has Luca, Julie and Maurits are blessed with Isra, and Lynn and Maarten with Lore. Lyanne and Yvonne are bike messengers, Felix is a photographer. Lukas and Max both work with wood and Jan works with words. Patrick knows numbers, Stefan is an architect, Roos an acupuncturist and Rebecca an artist. Marielle is a yogi and Arek a freestyler. And Lynn does the hulahoop. Together, we form the Caberg Collection. We opened our doors and showed you our talents on the 4th and 5th of July 2015.


Mathias Soironstraat, Pieter Poststraat, Henri Jonaslaan and Gilles Doyenstraat, Maastricht — 04. July - 05. July 2015
Concept and Realization

Van spook- tot theehuizen, van exposities tot een muzikale ode aan Cheryl Crow; meer dan 25 woningen openden in het weekend van 4 en 5 juli in Caberg de deuren. Voor veel jonge kunstenaars en creatieve ondernemers is de wijk Caberg een thuishaven. De oude pisbakkenbuurt is dé uitvalsbasis geworden voor ambitieuze mensen die werken aan hun culturele carrière in Maastricht. Naast een muzikale, culinaire en kunstzinnige manifestatie, was de CABERG BIËNNALE een subtiel protest tegen de geplande verdwijning van de geliefde woningen. 
Text: Jan Smeets, 2015

THE COLLECTION - An artwork by Stef van den Dungen
Mathias Soironstraat and Pieter Poststraat, Maastricht — June-September 2015

Stef van den Dungen painted the houses in colors that were at that time used on the walls of the exhibition spaces in the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. Instead of a museum collection, the frames of the windows show the work and life of the local residents, the CABERG COLLECTION, communicating the uniqueness of this neighborhood. In a subtle nod to the Bonnefantenmuseum, the windows become artworks, showing the living rooms as multimedia installations. This work is not only conceptually strongly linked with the area, it also illustrates the career of many Cagirls and Caboys: from cultural studies at the art academy, conservatory or university of Maastricht, to Caberg, and then into the world.

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Logo/Graphic Design: Atelier Haven
Fotos: Myrthe Ingenhut (Caberg Biennale), Loraine Bodewes (The Collection 1), Rob Oostwegel (The Collection 2-4)